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    Quality vs Quantity — How to Score Higher on the SAT Essay Component 

    Quality vs Quantity -- How to Score Higher on the SAT Essay Component

    A short summary of a statistics venture investigating the correlation amongst length and score for SAT essays.

    Understand how to proofread your essay successfully to examine for minor mistakes on the Creating segment of the SAT and the English part of the ACT.
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    • rahizzles 09:56 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      A common mistake made by those who observe statistics, whether it be the statistician or the audience of their study, is the inappropriate unification of causation and correlation. Just because a strong association is found between two variables does not mean that they are directly involved; there can easily be a middle ground. In this case, the middle ground would be the fact that longer essays most likely have more thorough content. Long essays get high scores because of their high content.

    • TheSirPwnage 10:12 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      What was your essay score? Please reply soon, I have the test tomorrow.

    • drmajorbob 10:21 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      A poor writer has little to say. In statistics, there’s the problem of “confounding”, when variables you do not consider affect the variables you DO consider, leading to correlations among the considered variables. In this case, “good writing” isn’t directly measurable, while “length of essay” is. That does NOT mean length determines the grade. Beckman and Perelman had no objective measure of quality, so of COURSE a measurable proxy became the determining variable. Their result is meaningless.

    • m4niacojones 11:04 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Persuasion involves speaking/writing a lot within a short time. Consider Lincoln, a great persuader. While most great persuaders use about 120-130 (says a study) words per minute (while a study shows that we can think to up to 800 words per minute!), Lincoln used like 150 per minute. I think this is what they are looking for. Indeed there is a correlation. But that makes perfect sense to me. They’re asking for high quality but high quality most of the time comes with “some” quantity. Isn’t it?

    • Emrys Landivar 11:36 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      You do realize that the purpose of the essay wasn’t to actually test writing samples but to equalize male and female scores? This is why it doesn’t matter if the essay is a quality one or not, its more about a way to raise female scores, which the length based grading does.

    • slawmasta 12:20 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, and a sample of 115 of your Facebook friends is not a very good sample. Try 2,000 essays drawn from different school districts around the country and we’ll talk. The fact that a single short high-scoring outlier threw your data off significantly is telling enough.

    • slawmasta 12:54 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      This video is basically formatted to avoid the “correlation is not causation!” argument by not coming out and saying “longer essays give higher grades”, but that is strongly implied by the conclusion. Surely there is a correlation between length and grade, because it’s pretty hard to write a good essay in 20 lines. The short essays were probably the most half-assed ones, while the good ones which explored the topic more thoroughly were longer.

    • harkeeasfasf 12:59 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      By which video editing program on which os did you design this beautiful video ? Please share your knowledge.

    • robotclubmember 13:40 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Correlation vs causation is the first statistical rule that people who know nothing about statistics turn to to try and shoot down a claim. He doesn’t make a conclusion on that, but I will. If you really think that there is another third factor that correlates THAT strongly (i.e., P-value of 9.77053E-14), then perhaps essay length really doesn’t have an impact (i.e., causal relationship) on the grading. But look at that P-value and tell me how that isn’t overwhelming.

    • jpjupp 14:37 on 03/14/2013 Permalink | Reply

      Remember: You can also take practice tests then ask PaperBlazer to proofread your practice essay. That way, you can discover common errors that you make.

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    freetestprep.com SAT practice Essay 1.1 

    freetestprep.com SAT practice Essay 1.1

    You are viewing a video explanation to an SAT Essay practice check prompt from http://www.freetestprep.com, the best resource for cost-free test prep exams and queries anyplace. We have inquiries, posts, flashcards and more for the SAT, ACT and GED. We are commited to producing good quality test preparation obtainable to students anyplace. Freetestprep.com was produced by Brian Stewart of bwseducationconsulting.com, the provider of the ideal ACT and SAT check prep lessons in Columbus, Ohio.
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    IEW High School Essay Intensive- SAT Essay Prompts 

    http://HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com/highschool SAT Essay Prompts are taught on IEW High School Essay Intensive.
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    2nd half of the video explaining how to make an outline for you SAT essay … prior to you commence creating the essay. Organizing your essay initial is specifically …
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    Sec6#04 Official SAT Practice Test 2012-13 

    On the internet/offline tutoring: http://situtoring.net/ PLAYLIST: http://tinyurl.com/UtubePLAYLISTsat Answers PDF: http://tinyurl.com/SOLUTIONSsat Original PDF: ht…
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    Dancing the World into Being
    At the height of the protests, her essay, Aambe! Maajaadaa! … On February 15, 2013, I sat down with Leanne Simpson in Toronto to talk about decolonization, ecocide, climate change, and how to turn an uprising into a “punctuated transformation.” …
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    MCHS's Tuell named National Merit Finalist
    The site noted that winners will be chosen based on their abilities, skills, and accomplishments as documented in the student's academic record, a recommendation by a high school official, and the student's essay, to name a few sources. The 8,300 …
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    Love Is Great But You Still Need Friends 

    Enjoy Is Wonderful But You Still Need to have Friends
    We sat around for hours, starting and stopping dual cassette gamers, feeling like geniuses because we could record REM&#39s &quotYou Are The Every thing&quot right after Joni Mitchell&#39s &quotAll I Want&quot and Led Zeppelin&#39s &quotTangerine&quot and then draw minor hearts on …
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    John Freeman: Encounter to encounter with an enigma
    He sat with his back to the camera, in the shadow, smoke from a cigarette curling up in between the fingers of his appropriate hand. “John is the only guy who has manufactured himself celebrated by turning his arse on the public,” explained Kingsley ….. He wrote in the …
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    The family business 

    The household company
    I got deeply excited about this book right after reading a Wall Street Journal essay in which Feiler, who writes the “This Life” column for The New York Times, described how software improvement companies, soon after years of dysfunctional team management …
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    freetestprep.com SAT Essay 2.4 

    freetestprep.com SAT Essay 2.4

    You are watching a video explanation to an SAT Essay practice test prompt from http://www.freetestprep.com, the best resource for free test prep exams and inquiries anywhere. We have queries, articles or blog posts, flashcards and more for the SAT, ACT and GED. We are commited to making high quality test planning available to students anywhere. Freetestprep.com was created by Brian Stewart of bwseducationconsulting.com, the provider of the best ACT and SAT check prep classes in Columbus, Ohio.
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    freetestprep.com SAT Essay 3.4 

    freetestprep.com SAT Essay 3.4

    You are watching a video explanation to an SAT Essay practice test prompt from http://www.freetestprep.com, the greatest resource for totally free test prep exams and concerns anyplace. We have questions, articles, flashcards and much more for the SAT, ACT and GED. We are commited to generating top quality test preparation accessible to college students anyplace. Freetestprep.com was produced by Brian Stewart of bwseducationconsulting.com, the provider of the best ACT and SAT check prep courses in Columbus, Ohio.
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    TestRocker has a unique way of teaching you how to master the SAT essay segment. Get a search!
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    SAT Essay Prep: ScoreWrite – NLSA Best Education Practices Webinar 

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